Photo taken by Mark Sullivan

Album Ensamble Urbano, by enCayapa
Released in Caracas, Venezuela in 2006.
EnCayapa’s first recording, entitled “Ensamble Urbano”, was released in the summer of 2006 and includes five of Marquez’s compositions. In this recording, Marquez worked not only as composer and guitarist for the ensemble, but as one of the producers. “Ensamble Urbano” has received very positive reviews from some of the most important musicians in Venezuela and abroad, such as latin jazz authority Paquito D’Rivera.

Album America’s Millenium Tribute to Adolphe Sax, Volume XIV
Arizona University Recordings
Contemporary Composer and Performer Series. 2008 Nana (2007), by Victor Marquez Barrios, is included in this collection in a superb interpretation by Award-Winning Ensemble H2 Quartet. According to Michael L. Keepe, Arizona University Recordings producer: “The exceedingly high standards and talent of today’s saxophone quartets coupled with the fearless and adventuresome spirit of today’s composers have brought the saxophone quartet into its golden age.”

Album Groove Machine, by h2 Quartet
Blue Griffin Records
H2 Quartet’s most recent recording, Groove Machine, includes the premiere recording of my Saxophone quartet: Saxteto, which is dedicated to them. “The h2 quartet is a tight group; their timbres blend nicely, and they often sound like one instrument… And they are just as at home in the sensitive and atmospheric and the high-flying virtuoso finish… They boast a large dynamic range and an excellent grasp of musical structure… Their effort is solid, and this should be an ensemble to watch for years to come.” – Patrick Hanudel, American Record Guide
Saxteto: II.Sangueo/h2 Quartet
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